Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Trend textile requests your personal information (email address, name, surname, mobile phone, password, birthday, address, age, interests, etc.) to provide better service to its customers. This information is used only within Trend Textile in customer “classification” studies aimed at periodic campaign studies, organizing special promotional activities for customer profiles, and not forwarding unsolicited emails. Trend Textile does not share the information it collects with third parties, does not use it for commercial purposes, and does not sell it for any reason other than activity without knowing the member in question or otherwise.


Trend Textile analyzes and interprets the visitor movements and preferences it monitors during the use of the website at and the personal details requested in membership forms and emails. These analytical data, which do not contain personal data, can be shared with Trend Textile business partners to provide a more specific and effective shopping experience.

The information of our members may be disclosed to the relevant organizations within the framework of our responsibilities stipulated by legal regulations.

Within the framework of the legislation, customers have the right to request information about how their data is used, to request the correction of incorrect data, to request the deletion or destruction of the obtained data, to learn whether the information has been transferred outside of UK, to object to the processing and to demand the removal of the damage, if any.

This information can be used by third parties / organizations to be determined by Trend Textile and Çelet Holding group companies (including social media-online advertising operators) for legal reasons and to benefit from general and personalized products-services and opportunities (fraud investigations, invoice collection, membership and reward programs, technological service supply, financial transaction management, logistics services, shipping, order management and customer service and / or analysis of transactions made on our website to provide sufficient assurance to our users in purchasing transactions) or to process your shopping transactions, if any Information on kinds, product-service promotion, advertisement, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and membership,It can be obtained, obtained, taken over by means of automatic / non-automatic methods for the purpose of performing applications and transactions, recorded in written / magnetic archives at home and abroad, stored, preserved, made available, used, updated for the specified period not exceeding the legal maximum period. It can be changed, rearranged, classified, shared, transferred domestically and abroad, transferred, and processed with copies per other laws. It can be rearranged, classified, shared, transferred domestically and internationally, transferred, and processed with copies per other laws. It can be rearranged, classified, shared, transferred domestically and internationally, transferred, and processed with copies per other laws.

The visitor guarantees that the information/data provided is true and accurate and undertakes to notify us of any changes in this information. The Customer (the person submitting the information) will be responsible for the damage or loss that our website, website manager, or a third party may suffer due to incorrect, incomplete, or incomplete information specified in the registration form.

We use cookies, which are small text files containing information obtained during your visit to the website and whose main purpose is to improve your website experience.

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