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Become A Supplier

From the breakfast table to bed, and kitchen to outdoor dining, we are surrounded by the fabric of some sort. Business-wise it means there is a huge demand for textiles in the market. Trend Textile is one platform that offers every type of textile solution under one roof. Our major categories include home textile, fashion fabric, and textile for hospitals. We deal in unstitched cotton, linen and cashmere as part of our fashion textile. For homes, we have bedspreads, table cloths, and kitchen linen. For hospital clientele, we deal in cotton covers, blankets, masks, protective covers and much more.

As our supplier, Trend Textile is a welcoming platform to boost the sales of your fabric. We bring you a platform where you can collaborate by providing us with the fabric for any of the above-mentioned categories. This will not only take your business global but also multiply your income. In other words, you will develop a rapport with clients all over the world. If brand loyalty is what you are looking for, then Trend Textile is just the place to showcase your products.

With the deadly virus on the loose, there is an ever-growing demand for protective equipment. Apart from fashion and clothing, Trend Textile also keeps the need of hospitals in mind. Your business can be the one to serve humanity by providing hospital goods. As a mask manufacturer or a maker of personal protective equipment, you can contribute to a greater cause using our platform.

If you are looking to expand your business and you believe your products possess high quality, then wait no more! Reach out to us as a supplier by filling out the online form on our website. We welcome you all for mutual collaboration and a fruitful partnership.

Your business will certainly get the well-deserving boost and hype that it needs to flourish and expand further.
We look forward to working with you!

Our Products are as Follow

  • Fabric (Polyester, Cotton, Spandex, Linen, Cashmere, Chiffon etc.)
  • Home Textile Products
  • Fashion Textile Products
  • Hospital Textile Products

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